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    Digital Indicators

Digital Indicators

  • For use in all Humboldt instrumentation.

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  • Switchable inch/metric digital indicator is accurate to ±.0001" (.002mm). Instant zero feature.
  • Locks in maximum reading on LCD display with characters 0.240" high and 0.115" wide.
  • Runs either clockwise or counter clockwise.
  • Operates with replaceable batteries or AC power with automatic shutoff.
  • Will replace any mechanical dial gauge.


HM4469C-   Data cable for digital Indicator
HM4469ACAC Adapter , 120v /60hz
HM4470.02.250"/ 6.35mm.0001" / .002mm
HM4470.05.600"/15.0mm.0001" / .002mm
HM4470.101.0"/ 25.4mm.0001" / .002mm
HM4470.202.0"/ 50.0mm .0001" / .002mm
HM4470.403.0"/ 101.6mm.0001" / .002mm