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Ductility Testing Machine


  • Designed for Standard and Force Ductility tests.

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The H-1068X is a three-speed Ductility Testing Machine designed for Standard and Force Ductility tests.

The unit tests three briquets simultaneously and its DC, direct-drive motor maintains constant speed, entirely vibration-free. Speeds of 1/4, 1 or 5cm per minute are selected via lever shift on mechanical gear box. A single brass lead screw mounted above water level prevents agitation of water and premature rupture of specimens. A traveling pointer adjusts to zero starting position and indicates exact position of carriage on a linear centimeter scale attached to trough's front edge.

Maximum carriage travel (elongation) is 150cm with an automatic stop.The ductility testing unit has a stainless steel interior with an overflow connection, and a baked enamel stainless steel-wrapped exterior. Gears are bronze or brass; all other parts are solid brass to prevent rusting. Finned stainless steel tubes beneath a false bottom provide efficient thermal transfer. Includes a 6' (183cm) cord, feed-through switch and 3-prong plug.

Includes 3 standard H-1080 ductility testing briquet molds with H-1090 plates. Trough overall dimension: 11-3/4" x 74" x 6-3/8"H. H-1068PC Plastic Cover is recommended to maintain constant tank temperatures.

Shipping wt. 350 lbs. (159 kg)


Cat. No.Description
HU1068XDuctility Testing Machine


 Cover for Ductility Machine ( Clear, Acrylic)


Ductility Machine Stand


Circulating Temperature Controller - Circulating Temperature Controller, 120V 60hz


Elastic Recovery Mold


Ductility Briquet Mold
 HU1090Base Plate For Single Ductility Mold
 HU1090.3Base Plate For Three Ductility Molds