• Fine Mist Fogging Fan

Fine Mist Fogging Fan


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The H-2738 is a direct-feed, hanging unit, which receives liquid directly through a visual flowmeter control panel

This provides for fine "repeatable" control of the fogging output, as well as enhancing dependability by eliminating sump components. Direct Feed units are well suited for harsher environments or applications where standing water in a sump could become an issue. Each unit is equipped with a 5 GPH (20-300cc/min) flowmeter panel and 12' condensation drainage line.

Not available in 220V 50/60 Hz model

H-2734.1 Economical Mobile Floor Stand
H-2734.2 Ceiling Support
H-2734.3 Wall Mount Support
H-2737.1 Humidistat Control (110-250 Volt 50/60Hz)
H-2737.2 Thermostat Control (110-250 Volt 50/60Hz)
H-2737.3 Cycle Timer Control (110-250 Volt 50/60Hz)
H-2737.4 Mini 360° Oscillator For H-2738, (115 Volt 50/60Hz)
  • Fogging Capacity: 0-3 gallons per hour
  • CFM Rating: 1,125 cubic ft. per min.
  • Energy Consumption: 1.5 amps @ 115V
  • Noise @ 10 ft.: 62dB(A)
  • Dimensions: 16" dia. x 16" length
  • Coverage: about 500 sq. ft.