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ASTM D5084, BS 1377 Part 6 1990

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The HM-4140 Stand-alone Control Panel provides pressure controls and readouts for permeability and triaxial applications

It can be used with either the HM-4150A, Single Cell Panel or the HM-4160A, Dual Cell Panel to configure systems for up to five (5) cells. Controls include: a digital, readout pressure meter, a pressure supply gauge, a master pressure regulator, a vacuum supply gauge, a master vacuum regulator, de-aired water tank controls, tap and de-aired water supply outlets and pressure and vacuum outlets.


  • Bias pressure regulator allows simultaneous control of confining back pressures, while maintaining a constant differential
  • Uses no-volume-change Swagelock valves
  • Bridge feature delivers simultaneous control of base and top pressures by adjusting one pressure regulator simplifying testing
  • Quick-connect hookups for fast and reliable set up.
  • Master control panel houses digital pressure readout for the controlling pressure, inlet vacuum regulator
  • & gauge, inlet pressure regulators & gauge, de-aired water tank controls, tap & de-aired water supply outlets, and pressure & vacuum outlets                                  
  • Comply with ASTM D5084; BS 1377 Part 6 1990.


Cat. NoDescription
HM4140.3FFlexPanels - Master Control Panel - 2-150 psi (0.1 psi)
HM4140M.3FFlexPanels - Master Control Panel - 14-1000 kPa (1 kpa)
Pressure /2-150 psi (0.1 psi)14-1000 kPa (1 kPa)
Vacuum0-14.7 psi(0-100kPa) or 30 Hg
Inner Burette
Cell50cc x 0.1 cc (ml)
Top10cc x 0.02 cc (ml)
Base10cc x 0.02 cc (ml)
Outer Burette
Cell400cc (ml)
Top460cc (ml)
Base460cc (ml)
Voltage115V 50/60Hz
220V 50/60Hz (use .4F suffix to part number, i.e. H-4150.4F)
Power6 watts
Operating Temp.14 to 158°F (-10 to 70°C)
Dimensions8" x 8" x 37.5" (203 x 203 x 952 mm)
Shipping Weight35 lbs (16 kg)