• Hand Compactor Set

Hand Compactor Set

For 4'' molds

ASTM D6926, AASHTO T245, PTM705

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Compactor set that facilitates hand compaction of 4" Marshall specimens

Compactor set that facilitates hand compaction of 4" Marshall specimens. Set features ASTM-compliant oak pedestal with hammer support rod, which holds hammer in perpendicular alignment to base during compaction.

Also features a mold holder, which keeps the mold securely positioned during compaction.

Set includes: H-1340G Compaction Hammer; H-1347 Pedestal with ASTM-compliant steel plate; H-1341 Compaction Mold; H-1343 Compaction Mold Holder; H-1345.6 Hammer Support Rod, and H-1345.5 Adjustable Guide.

Additional mold and hammer assemblies are recommended for efficient testing operations, allowing you to heat multiple molds and hammers to speed testing.
  • Complies with ASTM D6926.
  • Shipping wt. 165 lbs. (74.8 kg)


Cat. No. Description
HU1345-000 Hand Compactor Set for 4" Molds


P/N   Name
H-1340 4" Hand Compaction Hammer
H-1340G 4" Hand Compaction Hammer, Finger Guard
H-1341P 4" Paper Disks (1000 pkg)
H-1348 4" Mold Extractor
H-1328A Marshall Mix Design and Testing Booklet


Replacement part
P/N   Name
H-1343 Mold Holder for Hand Compaction
H-1347 Pedestal for 4" Hand Compactor
H-1345.5 Adjustable Hammer Guide
H-1345.6 Hammer Support Rod