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Latex Membranes

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Latex Membranes are used to seal triaxial soil samples inside triaxial cells for ASTM D2850 and D4767 tests.

These membranes are made from non-porous latex rubber. Membranes are available in sizes from 1.4" to 6" in diameter. The lengths of these membranes varies according to sample diameter. All latex membranes have sufficient length to enclose the full length of the sample, both top & base of pedestal, and disc—plus enough surplus to allow doubling over the O-rings. 12/pkg.

Membranes are available in two thicknesses: 0.012" and 0.025" thickness.

Cat. No.Description
HM4180.14-Latex Membranes 0.012",  35mm  (1.4")
HM4180.15-Latex Membranes 0.012",  38mm  (1.5")
HM4180.20-Latex Membranes 0.012",  50mm  (2.0")
HM4180.28-Latex Membranes 0.012",  70mm  (2.8")
HM4180.40-Latex Membranes 0.012",  100mm (4.0")
HM4180.60-Latex Membranes 0.012",  150mm (6.0") 

** For 0.025"thickness add "T" suffix after part numbert , HM4180.14T **