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    Load Cells S-Type

Load Cells S-Type

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Load cells are bi-directional for both tension and compression loads. Constructed from stainless steel.

Load cells can be used with various instrumentation to measure loads. Includes: 6 ft. cable with 5-pin DIN plug and calibration certificate.

Information / Specifications
Performance Specifications
Excitation Voltage10 VDC, Maximum 15 VDC
Rated output3.0 mv/V Minimum
Non-linearity0.03% Full Scale Output
Hysteresis0.02% FSO
Non-repeatability0.01% FSO
Creep (30 minutes)0.03% FSO
Zero Balance±1.0% FSO
Bridge resistance
  • Input: 350 ohms, nominal
  • Output: 350 ohms, ±3.5 ohms
  • Safe Static: 150% of Rated Capacity
  • Ultimate: 175% of Rated Capacity
  • Compensated range: 0-150°F
  • Effect on output: 0.0006% FSO/°F
  • Effect on zero: 0.0008% FSO/°F
FinishNickel-plated or Stainless Steel

S-Type Load Cells
Load Cell 500 lbs (2.5 kN)HM-2300.005
Load Cell 1000 lbs (2.5 kN)HM-2300.010
Load Cell 2000 lbs (2.5 kN)HM-2300.020
Load Cell 5000 lbs (2.5 kN)HM-2300.050
Load Cell 10 000 lbs (2.5 kN)HM-2300.100