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Marshall Compaction Mold

Rotating Base

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Marshall Compaction Mold, 4" or 100mm (Rotating Base)

4" or 100mm compaction mold assembly for preparing test specimens with H-1346 and H-1356 rotating base compactors, as well as the H-1364 stationary base compactor. Mold is machined from seamless tubing and plated. Mold is comprised of a base plate, mold cylinder and extension collar. Base plate of mold is designed to link with rotating base feature of compactors causing the mold to rotate during compaction. Forming mold is 4" (102mm) ID by 3" (76mm) high and interchangeable with either end of the forming mold. Forming mold is 4" (102mm) ID by 3" (76mm) high.