• Marshall Compression Machine

Marshall Compression Machine

For measuring resistance to plastic flow of bituminous paving mixture specimens. Has screw jack mounted in a testing frame, motor with reversing switch that produces uniform vertical 2" (51mm) movement per minute. Includes calibrated load ring and dial indicator for determining test load. Load capacity is 10,000 lbs. (4500kg); maximum piston travel is 3-1/2" (88mm). Cross head adjusts for various specimen sizes. Overall dimension: 18x18x8-1/2" H (457x457x978mm).


HM-1327.400.3F Chart Recorder Assembly
H-1342 4" Marshall Breaking Head
H-1362 6" Marshall Breaking Head
H-1349 4" Lottman Breaking Head
H-1369 6" Lottman Breaking Head
H-1344 Dial Flowmeter
H-1344M Dial Flowmeter, metric
H-1344.2 Dial Gauge Replacement
H-1344.2M Dial Gauge Replacement
H-1344.1 Guide Sleeve For Flowmeter Kit
HM-1327CP Dual-Scale Chart Paper


Cat. No. Description
H-1339 Motorized stability compression and testing machine 110V, 60Hz, 1ph AC.