• Micrometer Bridge Set

Micrometer Bridge Set

ASTM C1090

Designed to hold one cylinder to permit repeated volume change measurements without moving or disturbing the specimen.


Includes the following items:
  • H-2901 Micrometer bridge
  • H-2902 Micrometer depth gauge
  • H-2904 Tapered cylinder mold
  • H-2905.1 Tamping rod
  • H-2905.2 Glass plate
  • H-2905.3 Weight


HU2903-000  Micrometer Bridge Set


Replacement part
P/N   Name
HU2901 Micrometer Bridge
HU2902 Micrometer Depth Gauge
HU2904 Cylinder Mold, Tapered
HU2905.1 Tamping Rod
HU2905.2 Glass Plate
HU2905.3 Weight, 3 lb