• Moisture Tester Reagent

Moisture Tester Reagent

for Speedy Moisture Testers

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Calcium carbide reagent for Speedy Moisture Testers. Carton of 24-1 lb. (0.5kg) containers.


Danger of explosion/fire may result if Moisture Testing Reagent is allowed contact with moisture. Calcium carbide forms flammable acetylene gas when wet so it must be kept sealed and dry. Provide adequate ventilation and use away from sparks and flame.

U.S. shipping regulations require ground shipment for Speedy Moisture Testers. Can not ship more than two Speedys per order by UPS. H-4966 reagent carton must go truck shipment and incur extra charge for hazardous goods handling. Reagent 2-packs can ship UPS, but multiple packs can not be on same order. International shipping regulations require separate purchase of reagent, which requires "dangerous goods" papers and packing. For this reason, Speedy Moisture Testers for International orders do not contain reagent, order separately.