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     Ottawa Test Sand ASTM C-109, 50LBS

Ottawa Test Sand ASTM C109, 50LBS

for Cube Molds

ASTM C87, ASTM C109, ASTM C348, ASTM C359, ASTM C593, ASTM C778...

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Sand is specially graded natural silica sand graded to retain

  • 98% on a No. 100 (150µ) sieve,
  • 75% on a No. 50 (300µ) 30% on a No. 40 (425µ)
  • and 2% on a No. 30 (600µ). Specific gravity is 2.65.

Packed in 50 lbs. (22.7kg) bags. 

Meets ASTM C87, C109, C348, C359, C593, C778; AASHTO T71, T106, T185, AASHTO T71, AASHTO T106, AASHTO T185
Shipping wt. 50 lbs. (22.7kg)