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    Humboldt POLY CURING TANKS for sale

Poly Curing Tanks

  • Humboldt - HU2969.4-0, HU2969.6-0, HU2969.8-0

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Durable seamless design resists breakage

All round-end tanks have an extra heavy-duty, molded rim and an extra-deep sidewall rib design for additional strength. Heavy duty, molded-in aluminum drain fitting and 1-1/4" poly drain plug ensure a long-life. Tested to -20°F corrosion-free impact resistant and recyclable. Premium UV Protection assures long life and resistance to color fade in outdoor use. Six-foot tank weight 49lbs and a 4-foot tank weigh 30 lbs. 

HU2969.4-0Poly Curing Tank, 2' x 2' x 4'
HU2969.6-0Poly Curing Tank, 2' x 2' x 6'
HU2969.8-0Poly Curing Tank, 3' x 2' x 8'