• Portable Skid Resistance Tester

Portable Skid Resistance Tester

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Measures friction (skid resistance) on flat, cambered, or gradient road surfaces. Originally developed by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory of Great Britain

  • Compact, easily transported & used in the field
  • Can be used in remote locations, independent of any vehicle
  • Enclosed bearings & working parts for protection against wear and contamination
  • Heavy-duty frame construction
  • Adjustable feet on base

A pendulum arm, having a spring-loaded rubber slider on the pendulum foot. Device is placed on the portion of the road surface to be tested. It is then leveled, and the height of the center of suspension of the pendulum is adjusted to a fixed value which is read on a special gauge. The pendulum is then released from its horizontal position, to swing down freely until the rubber slider contacts the test surface. As the slider travels across the surface for a fixed distance, the pendulum is slowed and a frictionally-constrained pointer affixed to the pendulum arm measures the highest point in the pendulum arc. The position of the pointer is then read on a measuring arc graduated from 0 to 150. Pointer readings indicate the resistance to skidding of the test surface. Dimensions (include carrying case): 31" x 25.5" x 9" (787 x 648 x 229mm). Meets ASTM E303. Shipping wt. 75 lbs. (34.0kg)

H-3204 AccessoriesModel
Rubber slider, 1-1/4", for lab useH-3207
Rubber slider, 3", for field useH-3208
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