• Prism Mold, 1x1x10

Prism Mold, 1x1x10

ASTM C151, ASTM C157, ASTM C227, ASTM C311, ASTM C342, ASTM C441...

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  • Autoclave expension of portland cement;
  • Lenght change of mortar and concrete;
  • Potential alkali reactivity of cement/aggregate combinations;
  • Linear change of magnesium and oxychloride cements;
  • Volume change of cement paste
Cat. No.Description
HU3252Prism Mold, 1x1x10", 1-mold cold-rolled steel
HU3253Prism Mold, 1x1x10", 2-mold cold-rolled steel
HU3255SPrism Mold, 1x1 x5", 2-mold Stainless steel