Round Nose Scoops

Round Nose Scoops

  • Humboldt - H-3734 - H-3729 - H-3731- H-3732


  • Aluminum or stainless steel

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Used to scoop concrete into slump cones and capping compound into melting pots.

Made from heavy duty cast aluminum or Stainless Steel with easy grip handle.

CAT. NO.DESCRIPTIONBowl Vol./Water (oz/cu. in.)LengthWidthDepthOverall LengthStandard
H-3734Stainless Steel Round Nose Scoop3.3 (6.1)5" (114mm)2.5" (63mm)1" (25.4mm)9" (228mm)N/A
H-3729Aluminum Round Nose #1 Scoop13.5 (24.4)6.75" (172mm)4" (102mm)2.5" (64mm)10" (254mm)ASTM C31
H-3731Aluminum Round Nose #2 Scoop20 (36.6)8.25" (210mm)5.25" (133mm)3" (76mm)12.25" (311mm)N/A
H-3732Aluminum Round Nose #3 Scoop33 (61.02)10.25" (260mm)5.75" (146mm)3.5" (89mm)14.5" (368mm)N/A