Sand equivalent test Set

Sand equivalent test Set


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Sand equivalent tests serve as rapid field-correlation tests to show relative proportions of clay-like or plastic fines and dusts in granular soils and fine aggregates.

The test separates sand and clay, a comparative reading is determined between the suspended clay and the settled sand in the measuring cylinder.

Tests may be done in the laboratory or the field.

Set meets ASTM D2419; AASHTO T176.

Shipping wt. 21 lbs (9.5kg)


Set includes the following items:

  • (4) Graduated, Plastic, Measuring Cylinders—H-4340.1
  • (2) Solid Rubber Stopper—H-4340.5
  • (1) Irrigator Tube—H-4340.2.6
  • (1) Weighted Foot Assembly—H-4340.3
  • (1) Standard Stock Solution, 8oz. Plastic Bottle—H-4342
  • (1) Siphon Assembly—H-4340.2 (tube and hose, bow tube and hose, stopper)
  • (1) Clamp—H-8630
  • (1) Wide-Mouth Funnel—H-4340.4
  • (1) Measuring Can, 2.5 oz.—H-1350.3SP

Individual items above can be ordered separately.


Cat No. 
HU4340-000                             Sand equivalent test Set