Shelby Tube Permeameters

Shelby Tube Permeameters

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Allows you to perform permeability tests within a Shelby tube without removing the sample.

Ideal for cohesionless materials and sands. It is suggested that the specimen be ejected at test conclusion and examined for voids or large aggregate, which possibly could affect the test results. Two sets of end caps fit over a Shelby tube liner up to 6" long. End caps each contain valve to control flow of permeants through the specimen, along with a porous stone to prevent material from flowing into and clogging the valve. End caps are anodized aluminum. Includes o-rings, connecting rods, clamping knobs, and tubing. Shelby tube not included.

Shipping wt. 6 lbs. (2.72kg)

HM-3913Shelby Tube Permeameter - Shelby Tube Permeameter, 2"
HM-3914Shelby Tube Permeameter - Shelby Tube Permeameter, 2.5"
HM-3915Shelby Tube Permeameter - Shelby Tube Permeameter, 3"