• Steel Slump Cones

Steel Slump Cones

ASTM C31, ASTM C143, ASTM C172, ASTM C192, ASTM C232...

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Determine slump of concrete in laboratory or field use.

Choice of heavy-gauge seamless spun steel or lightweight plastic, in standard or metric sizes. Steel models have plated finish to resist rush, plastic models can be cleaned with acid bath and will not dent or rush. All models fitted with handles and foot lugs.


ASTM C31, ASTM  C143, ASTM  C172, ASTM  C192, ASTM  C232, AASHTO T23, AASHTO  T119, AASHTO  T126, AASHTO  T141, AASHTO T158.

H-3640Steel slump cone. 8" (203mm) dia. at base, 4" (102mm) dia. at top and 12" (305mm) high.
H-3640MMetric steel stump cone. 200mm dia. at base, 100mm dia. at top and 300mm high.