• Unit Weight Measures

Unit Weight Measures


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Heavy-gauge, seam-welded, water-tight, steel unit weight measures with bail handles.

Can be used for concrete or aggregate. Do not meet ASTM specifications.

Cat. No.CapacityInside Dia.Inside Ht.
H-36601/10cu.ft (2.8 liter)6" (152mm)6.1" (155mm)
H-36611/2cu.ft (14.1 liter)10" (254mm)11" (279mm)
H-36621 cu.ft (28.3 liter)14" (356mm)11.2" (285mm)
H-36631/3 cu.ft (9.3 liter)8" (203mm)11.5" (292mm)
H-36641/4 cu.ft  (7.1 liter)8" (203mm)8.8" (224mm)