Vebe Cylinder Mold

Vebe Cylinder Mold

Vibrating Table

ASTM 1176

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Model HU3649-000 conforms to ASTM C1176 for making roller-compacted concrete in cylinder molds using a vibrating table

This practice is used when the standard procedures of rodding and internal vibration are not practicable. The unit is comprised of a vibrating table, which can be bolted to a floor or substantial base slab. A swing arm with guide sleeve for the 20 lb (9kg) surcharge weight is attached to the base, which allows the weight to swing out of the way when filling the mold, but allows easy application of the weight to the top of the specimen in the mold prior to vibration.


The test mold is a 6" x 12" mold conforming to ASTM C470 and is locked into place on the base of the unit.
Shipping wt. 305 lbs. (138kg)


Cat. No.Description
HU3649-000Vebe Cylinder Mold, Vibrating Table 120v/60Hz
HU3649.2F-Vebe Cylinder Mold, Vibrating Table 220v/60Hz
HU3649.5F-Vebe Cylinder Mold, Vibrating Table 220v/50Hz