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    Wireless Data Logger

Wireless Data Logger

For Temperature and Humidity of Wood and Concrete

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The wireless Moisture-Log System allows uninterrupted data acquisition of:

  • Wood moisture, Wood Temperature, EMC
  • Moisture of Drywall, Insulation and other Building Materials
  • Relative Humidity / Air Temperature
  • Concrete Moisture using in-situ RH Probes

Reports can be viewed on-site or anywhere in the world via Internet.

Advantages of Lignomat’s Wireless System

Accuracy and Reliability

Lignomat is one of the industry leaders in measuring moisture accurately and reliably. This knowledge was combined with the latest wireless technology to develop Lignomat’s transmitters and receivers.

Proven technology

Lignomat’s customers have used wireless transmitters to measure and control wood moisture, humidity and temperature inside lumber dry kilns and predryers for the last 16years.

Single and Multiple Function Transmitters

Transmitters of various combinations are available to provide solutions for the many applications, where for moisture, humidity and/or temperature need to be measured.

Long Range Data Transmission

Transmitters can be placed anywhere within the test area. Distance between transmitters and receivers can be up to 1000 ft line of sight. Two or more receivers can be connected to reach beyond 1000ft.

Flexible and Adaptable

Applications range from lumber drying, to restoration, to material testing in labs. Lignomat offers a variety of sensors and probes to fit different applications. All sensors and probes are detachable and interchangeable – and can be connected by cables if necessary.

Reviewing and Reporting

Completely automatically and continuously, with a real time stamp – no time taking notes and no interruption of reporting when you are not on-site. Reports are available on-site or at a secure Web-server.


  • Measuring wood moisture , EMC and Temperature to monitor or control lumber dry kilns or pre-dryers.
  • Measuring internal lumber temperature for Phytosanitation heat treatment. (Destruction of all beetles during kiln drying – required for overseas shipments of lumber.)
  • Restoration: to monitor drying progress and ambient conditions.
  • Monitor moisture in walls, ceilings, roofs to make sure, leaks are repaired successfully.
  • Year round monitoring of humidity conditions in houses, apartments and offices to warn of moisture accumulations which can cause mold.
  • Monitor flooring, where excess concrete moisture, ambient conditions and wood moisture can cause defects.
  • Monitor curing of concrete slabs using RH probes.
  • Continuously, automatically record MC, EMC, RH, T during lab testing.
  • Greenhouse climate control to keep conditions plant-healthy and warn when limits are exceeded.
  • Use an input from remote sensors for process control systems or programmable PLCs.