• Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

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The IM-7000 Series inverted metallurgical microscopes have a slim wedge shaped design that saves bench space and offers excellent stability. All of the IM-7000 Series controls are ergonomically positioned to provide comfort and extended ease of use for the operator.

An integrated6V/30W vertical Koehler halogen illuminator with a variable intensity control and automatic voltage sensing power supply provides excellent specimen illumination and contrast. The IM7000 Series is designed to meet your most diverse needs for materials research.

IM Series is well suited for examination of mounted metallurgical specimens or for routine quality inspections such as, microstructure analysis, various material testing, QA and QC examination and photomicrography.

The IM-7000 Series Microscopes offer crisp, distortion-free, high resolution images in multiple modes of operation and the built-in photo port on the front of the body makes image documentation quick and easy.

Contrast methods available include: Brightfield and Polarized Light observation modes.

General Features and Options
  • Optical System: All microscopes come standards with an infinity corrected optical design (F=200)
  • Viewing Heads: Units are supplied with either a standard Siedentopf type binocular head inclined at 30° or a trinocluar Siedentopf head inclined at 45°. Interpupillary distance is adjustable from 53mm to 75mm. A graduated diopter adjustment is provided as a standard feature on the left eye-tube of all units.
  • Eyepieces: Paired SWH10X, widefield, high eye-point eyepieces, F.N. 22, with a 25mm reticle mount is standard on all units. Optional SWH15X, SWH20X and SWH10X-F focusing eyepieces are available.
  • Nosepiece: Quintuple, side facing nosepiece, with positive precision click stops.
  • Objectives: Planachromat EPI 5X/0.10, EPI 10X/0.25, EPI 20X/0.40 and EPI 50X/0.75 are standard on all units. Optional Planachromat EPI 100X/0.90, W.D. 0.37mm is available
  • Plain Stage: A 180mm (X) x 245mm (Y) Plain Stage
  • Optional Attachable Mechanical Stage: 112mm (X) x 72mm (Y) movement with drop down ergonomic coaxial controls • Focusing Mechanism: ergonomically low positioned, coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs with adjustable tension control
  • Range of Travel: 9mm total, 1.0mm up and 8mm down. Rotation of fine focus: 0.2mm per revolution
  • llumination: A vertical Koehler illuminator equipped with 6V 30W halogen bulb. Variable rheostat and automatic sensing power supply are incorporated as standard
  • Photo Port: All models are equipped with a front mounted camera port suitable for CCD, 35mm SLR, or digital cameras. Optional camera adapters are available to facilitate a wide range of camera and video equipment.
  • Body: Cast aluminum alloy body for rigidity and exceptional stability

Features Common to All Models
  • Compact Wedge shaped cast aluminum alloy frame for exceptional stability and a small footprint
  • Chemical resistant baked enamel finish
  • Flexible and modular design for system expansion
  • Low profile coaxial coarse and fine focus controls with tension adjustment
  • Font mounted CCD, 35mm SLR, digital camera port.
  • Automatic voltage sensing power supply
  • Removable power cord

  • Footprint: 364mm (D) x 220mm (W)
  • Overall dimensions: 485mm (D) x 411mm (H) x 220mm (W)
  • Shipping Weight: 23lbs/10.5kg
Model IM7200
But with the following optional accessories:
  • MA875 Mechanical stage
  • DK3000 Color Digital Video Microscopy camera
  • MA869 35mm SLR Camera attachment
  • T2-9 Adapter ring for Canon EOS camera
  • Canon EOS camera

CAT. NO. Description Objectives Eye pieces Stage plate Illuminator
MEIM7100-0 Binocular
(Siedentopf type)
Plan EPI 5X
Plan EPI 10X
Plan EPI 20X
Plan EPI 50X
F.N.22 (2)
180mm (X)
245mm (Y)
Koehler Vertical Illuminator
6V,30W halogen
Automatic voltage
(Sie- sensing power supply)
MEIM7200-0 Trinocular
(Sie-dentopf type)