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Metallurgical Microscope

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Meiji Techno's new upright Brightfield incident light metallurgical microscope is the new and cost-effective MT7000 Series Microscope.

The MT7000 Series employs all new and improved optics. Meiji Techno's ICOS™ (Infinity Corrected Optical System) makes the observation and evaluation of metallurgical specimens fast and easy while delivering an excellent cost-to-performance ratio.

The MT7000 Series features include:

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Ergonomically positioned controls
  • Comfortable Siedentopf viewing head
  • 30W Vertical Koehler Illuminator with auto sensing power supply
  • Brightfield observation mode
  • Optional Ergonomic binocular viewing head available
  Head Illumination Eyepieces Objectives Stage
MEMT7000-0 Bino. 30W Vertical Koehler SWH10 x FN22 Plan Epi 5x,
10x, 20x, 50x
Ceramic Coated Fix
Flat-top left or
righthanded controls
MEMT7100-0 Trino.