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The standard for high intensity multi-function portable stroboscopes.

Models are available with digital displays, battery or AC power, and a useful range of features which provide unmatched performance and value. Four models range from the Nova-Strobe dbx Deluxe the most versatile battery powered digital stroboscope with internal phase shifting, down to the Nova-Strobe bax Basic, the most cost effective AC powered digital stroboscope. Both the battery powered Nova-Strobe dbx and AC powered Nova-Strobe dax provide a range of 30 to 20,0000 flashes per minute and an accuracy of ±0.002 of setting. Flash rates are easily adjusted to fractional RPM by a coarse/fine control knob. Individual TTL compatible input and output jacks are provided for ‘daisy chaining’ of multiple strobes, triggering from an external source, or providing a trigger signal to external equipment. Both dbx and dax provide internal phase shifting to keep the target precisely in view. Both provide x2 and ÷2 capability for distinguishing actual RPM from harmonic frequencies. In addition, 6 user presetaflash rates for repetitive measurements and storage of the last flash rate measured are included.


All Nova-Strobes, Deluxe and Basic:

  • Internal rechargeable batteries or AC powered models
  • Weighs less than 2.0 Lbs. for easy handling
  • More than 20% brighter Xenon light than competitors
  • Electronic switching provides continuous cool operation
  • Tripod mounting bushing in handle

In addition, Nova-Strobe dbx and dax Plus models have:

  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificate of Calibration included
  • Internal phase shifting for easy reference target viewing
  • Tachometer mode, speed measurement up to 250,000 RPM
  • Power for optional sensors
  • Battery charge indicator (dbx only)

Common Applications

  • Non-contact RPM
  • Diagnostic Inspection
  • Bent blades/shafts
  • Slipping/worn belts 
  • Printing Press
  • Stop-action Inspection
  • Textiles

Ordering Information

  • Nova-Strobe bax 115 Stroboscope, AC powered
  • Nova-Strobe bax 230 Stroboscope, AC powered
  • Nova-Strobe dax 115 Stroboscope, AC powered
  • Nova-Strobe dax 230 Stroboscope, AC powered
  • Nova-Strobe bbx 115 Stroboscope, Battery
  • Powered, Universal PSC-2 (115Vac) recharger 
  • Nova-Strobe bbx 115/230 Stroboscope, battery 
  • Powered, universal PSC-2U (115/230 VAC) recharger (USA, UK, AUS, EURO plug) 
  • Nova-Strobe dbx 115 Stroboscope, Battery 
  • Powered, Universal PSC-2 (115 Vac) recharger 
  • Nova-Strobe dbx 115/230 Stroboscope, battery powered, universal PSC-2U (115/230 VAC) recharger (USA, UK, AUS, EURO plugs)

Also available in Kit form including; Stroboscope Recharger, spare lamp and carrying case.

 Nova-Strobe dbx,
Deluxe Battery Powered
Nova-Strobe dax,
Deluxe AC Powered
Nova-Strobe bbx, 
Basic Battery Powered
Nova-Strobe bax,
Basic AC Powered
Range Flashes/Minute30-20,000 FPM
(Flashes Per Minute) Display
30-10,000 FPM
(Flashes Per Minute)
Display6 Digit Numeric and 5 digit Alphanumeric LCD
Accuracy/Resolution0.002% of setting or +/- 1 lsd /0.01 FPM
Flash Energy/Duration230 mJoule up to 3450 FPM / 8-20 µsec
Average Power-Watts13W above 3450 FPM
Flash Tube & LifeHigh Power Xenon - 100 million flashes typical
External Triggers - in/out 1/8” (3.5mm) Phone JacksTTL (24Vdc Max) Input.
Provides 3.3 Vdc TTL output
Tachometer Mode5-250,000 RPM - Use with Optional Remote SensorN/A
Programmable MemoryYesYesN/A
Internal Phase ShiftYesYesN/A
Operating Time2 hours typical @ 1800 FPMContinuous2 hours typical @ 1800 FPMContinuous
Power SupplyInternal NiMH rechargeable
115 Vac, 50-400 Hz or 
230 Vac, 50-400 Hz
Internal NiMH rechargeable
115 Vac, 50-400 Hz or 
230 Vac, 50-400 Hz
Weight1.9 Lbs. (.86 kg)1.5 Lbs. (0.68 kg)1.9 Lbs. (.86 kg)1.5 Lbs. (0.68 kg)
Size (L x W x H)Body: 9" x 3.66" x 3.56" (229 x 93 x 90 mm); Reflector Housing:
4.8" (122 mm) diameter; Handle: 4.25" (108 mm) long