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    Vacuum Degassing Oven

Vacuum Degassing Oven


  • The VDO 9900 comes with an optional compressed air system to ensure greater usability.
  • With a glass viewing window, calibration kit, and numerous sample containers, the VDO 9900 will get you on your way fast.
  • The VDO 9900 works from 120-volt electrical outlets

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The vacuum degassing oven (VDO) is used to precisely and accurately degas pressure-aged binder samples and is designed for rapid removal of entrapped air bubbles in asphalt specimens

Our vacuum degassing oven is designed according to code and will provide you with the superior performance that you need to get the job done right. The vacuum degassing oven will assist you in degassing binder materials that have been PAV-aged. This will ensure that your binder samples are in the best possible condition.

Our vacuum degassing oven is of the highest quality, made out of a rugged stainless steel construction. Featuring a built-in vacuum source and glass viewing panel, the Prentex vacuum degassing oven is easy to use and maintain. Additionally, our vacuum degassing ovens are manufactured to be both space saving and energy efficient, helping you get the best value for your investment.

degasses through the use of an integrated self-contained vacuum oven and vacuum supply controlled by a digital microprocessor with the vacuum pressure indicated directly in kPa absolute, as specified in the Standard Practice, providing the operator with simplicity of operation and reducing the chance of error in performing the degassing process.

The measurement method differs from most vacuum ovens in that conventional vacuum ovens measure temperature of the “vacuum”, which by definition a very poor conductor of heat. Instead, our device measures where degassed asphalt temperature has shown to stabilize; namely, at the aluminum support for the sample tins which is machined from 1⁄4” [6.4mm] thick aluminum. Samples being degassed may be monitored visually through the glass viewing window located on the units cover.

Model Specific Details:

Model E is equipped with a self-contained oil-less electric vacuum pump.

Model A is equipped with an air-driven vacuum generator operating on a user’s compressed air supply. The unit draws very little airflow during the 30 minute vacuum degassing cycle, and is very quiet with no moving parts other than an electric solenoid valve. This model requires dry, filtered, compressed air at a minimum 100psi/7 bar, with a flow of 2 cubic ft. (56 liters) per minute for 30 minutes.

The Model 9900 Vacuum Degassing Oven is designed specifically for degassing PAV-aged bitumen [asphalt] samples. Both AASHTO PP-1 and ASTM D-6521 versions of the Standard Practice for Accelerated Aging of Asphalt Binder using a Pressurized Aging Vessel (PAV) require vacuum degassing of the PAV-aged samples