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    Estimation of compressive strength of concreteOriginal Schmidt World-renowned and established sclermeterOriginal reconnue et établie dans le monde entierScléromètre Swiss Made accuracy and reliabilityOriginal Schmidt Rebound Hammer proven durability and quality

Original Schmidt Rebound Hammer

  •  Covers a wide range of applications
  •  Proven durability and quality
  •  Swiss Made guarantee
  • 1,790.00 $ CAD

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The Original Schmidt Rebound Hammer is the basis of every major rebound hammer testing standard worldwide.


Estimation of compressive strength of concrete / Mapping of concrete uniformity / Control of concrete curing for formwork removal.

The benchmark against which all rebound hammers are compared and set as the international rebound hammer standard.

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_Diverse.svgDiverse - Various models with different impact energies cover a wide range of applications.

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_Reliability.svgReliability - Proven durability and quality compared with low-cost imitations.

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_High%20Quality.svgHigh quality - World-renowned and established; Proceq Swiss Made accuracy and reliability.

Original Schmidt Tech SpecsSensor - Tech Specs

Impact Energy
    2.207 Nm (N),0.735 Nm (L)
Compressive Strength Range
10 to 70 N/mm2 (1'450 to 10'152 psi)
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