Profometer CorrosionProfometer CorrosionProfometer CorrosionProfometer Corrosion

Profometer Corrosion

  •  Unique wheel electrodes
  •  Advanced processing
  •  Easily upgradable

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Advanced half-cell measuring instrument for on-site mapping of the corrosion potential.

User-friendly corrosion sensor with an intuitive workflow and advanced capabilities.

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_Productivity-10.svgProductivity - High productivity with unique wheel electrodes and optimized workflow

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_Efficiency.svgEfficiency - Advanced processing and custom reporting tools with exportable graphs and charts

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_Future%20readiness.svgFuture readiness - Easy upgradable with cover meter functionality for combined testing

Software for Software / Workspace App -Tech Specs
Display unit7” color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with a dual-core processor, IP54
Special Features
Support for Copper/Copper sulphate, Silver/Silver chloride and SCE Calomel electrodes
Corrosion scan heat map view
Distribution and cumulative distribution view for determination of threshold potentials
Chipping graph view for display of corroded areas based on the analysis
Display unit specsVoltage measuring range: -999 to +999 mV
Memory: Internal 8 Gb flash memory
Voltage resolution: 1 mV
Input impedance: 100 mΩ
Sampling rate: 900 Hz
Power input: 12V ±25% / 1.5 A
Dimensions: 250 x 162 x 62 mm
Weight: 1525 g
Battery: 3.6 V, 14 Ah
Battery lifetime: > 8h
Humidity: <95% RH, non condensing
Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
PC Software
Profometer Link Reporting software for data analysis, merging of corrosion scans for large areas and irregular geometries, customized reporting and export to third party software

Profometer Corrosion Tech Specs  Sensor - Tech Specs
Measured QuantityCorrosion potential [mV]
     ±1 mV
Instrument FirmwareIntuitive user-friendly interface for data acquisition
Optimized workflow for rod and wheel measurements
Customizable text can be entered for any specific locations
Flexible features enable the mapping of any irregular geometry
Improved digital filtering to remove the effect of external noise (civil and industrial power sources)
Create custom reports with exported graphs and charts
PC Software
Profometer Link Reporting software for data analysis, combined data evaluation, and reporting on any third party software
7” color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with a dual-core processor
Internal 8 GB flash memory
USB host/device and Ethernet
Measuring Range
-999 to +999 mV
Probes / Electrodes
In addition to the basic rod electrode, the use of Proceq’s unique one and four-wheel electrodes enable the highest on-site productivity in large areas