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    UPV test for laboratory operationsUPV test instrument designed for laboratory operationsUltrasonic Test Instrument for concrete.PC control of cencrete testingTesting homogeneity of the concreteconcrete pulse velocity measurement concrete Crack depth measurement concrete Compressive strength measurement

Pundit Lab +

  • For laboratory usage
  • Can be integrated into 3rd party software e.g. LabView
  • Removes the need for external amplification when used with exponential transducers

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A flexible UPV test instrument designed for laboratory operations

Adding laboratory functionality to the leading Ultrasonic Test Instrument for concrete.


  • Correlation of compressive strength of concrete and rocks
  • Correlation to the modulus of elasticity of rocks
  • Mapping homogeneity of the concrete
  • Concrete strength estimation using the SONREB method

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_Reliability.svgReliability - Lab adaptations include an oscilloscope output, power supplied via a battery, mains, or via a USB connection to a PC. Full PC control of all functionality.

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_Open%20Interface.svgOpen Interface - Removes the need to use proprietary software. The open interface allows the instrument to be seamlessly integrated into the laboratory environment.

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_Ease%20of%20Use.svgEase of use - Increased receiver amplification allows optimum performance with exponential transducers which can be used on rough or curved surfaces, with or without coupling gel.



2 Transducteurs d'ondes S, 250 kHz, y compris le couplant (325 40 049)
2 Transducteur exponentiel 54 kHz, y compris tige de calibrage (325 40 176)
Transducteur 150 kHz (Deux requis pour le fonctionnement) (325 40 141)

Sensor- Tech Specs

    20 to 500 kHz
TechnologyUltrasonic pulse velocity
Measuring Resolution
0.1 us
Pulse Voltage  
    ±125 to ±500 V (UPV)
Receiver Gain
1x, 10x, 100x, AUTO, Pundit Lab+ up to 1000x
Nominal Transducer Frequency
24 – 500 kHz
Pulse Shape
Square Wave
Pulse Delay
Number of Channels
PC Software
Pundit Link unlocks the full Pundit Lab+ capabilities
Display79 x 21 mm passive matrix OLED
Memory> 500 measured values
     USB connection to PC
Measurement Modes
Pulse velocity
Surface velocity
Data logging
Compressive strength correlation
Crack depth
Measuring Range
Up to 15 m depending on concrete quality
Special Features
Open interface
Integrated amplifier gain stage
Real time stamp
Available Proceq transducers: 54 kHz, 150 kHz, 250 kHz, 54 kHz Exponential, 500 kHz, and 250 kHz Shear Wave
Connect third party transducers up to 24 kHz, 54 kHz, 150 kHz, 250 kHz, 54 kHz Exponential, 500 kHz and 40 kHz shear wave dry point contact