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The Digital Pencil Style Durometers are manufactured to meet or exceed current ASTM D2240 specifications and designed to measure the indentation hardness of medium hard rubber, elastomers and thermoplastics. The LCD digital display features bold, easy to read numbers indicating a specific value, with a 0.1 resolution. A standard electronic maximum hold button retains the peak reading until reset. The durometer's 1/2" diameter base (1.3cm) is the smallest base permitted by ASTM D2240 specifications. This allows it to be used in confined or hard to reach areas other durometers cannot test.

The Digital Durometer Software allows the users to automatically collect, record, and print test data, create statistical data including tolerance, range, mean, variance, standard deviation in graph format and several languages. The software interfaces with the Digital Durometer through the provided RS-232 cable.

Accuracy ±1 point
Resolution 0.1
Max Hand Electronic Maximum Hold
Display LCD Solid State Circuitry
Gauge Features Hi-Lo Tolerance Limit Buttons
Power Requirements CR2450 Batteries (2) / VAC Converter
Base Diameter 0.5" ( 1.3cm)
Height 5.3" (13.5cm)
Width 2.25" ( 5.7cm )
Depth (Indicator) 1.5" (3.8cm)
Weight 7.5 oz.(213g)
Certification NIST Traceable/A2LA Accredited Included
Accessories Printer, Cable, Lab Software, Test Stand
Meets or Exceeds ASTM D2240, ISO 868
Other Types Asker, JIS K6253 A or D & K6301 C
Durometer Hardness Thermoplastic Elastomers Below 20D Above 90B


Description Cat. No.
1kg Deadweight Test Stand Model 476
Constaloader Automatic Test Stand Model 472-2
Lab Thermometer/Hygrometer Model 13307
Durometer Software/Cable Part no. HDDS32
USB Serial Cable G13-0048 Part no. G13-0048
AC Adapter 110 or 220 Volt
CR2450 Batteries ( 2 included)