• digital durometer

digital durometer

Accuracy and reliability unmatched, backed by a lifetime calibration service and a one-year warranty covering parts and labor. A digital display is combined with a punching dependent cell to create a digital measuring device accurate hardness, affordable and reliable. A digital display eliminates reading errors and saves time by giving the user a specific value to each of the tests.

  • Accuracy of ± 1 point
  • Readability 0.1 points
  • Base 1/2 "diameter
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D2240
  • Multiple output control for data recorded program
  • Battery powered portable device making
  • AC power adapter included in
  • Provided with a test unit and a housing
  • Stored program control or optional base printer


PTC211A-00 Black anodized, 821 gf-1.81 lb, truncated cone 35 included angle
PTC211B-00 Anodized purple, gf-821 1.81 lb, 30 included angle bevel
PTC212C-00 Blue anodized, 4.5 kgf-10 lb, 35 Truncated cone included angle
PTC212D-00 Anodized red, 4.5 kgf-10 lb, 30 included angle bevel

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