Deep Bowl Vertical Sand PumpsDeep Bowl Vertical Sand Pumps

Deep Bowl Vertical Sand Pumps

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Designed for pumping abrasive or frothy slurries. Handles varying or intermittent flows. Typical installations include virtually all slurry pumping applications in mineral processing pilot plants and small commercial installations.


Deep Bowl provides 250% of previous shallow bowl volume.


Plus Factors
Increased surge capacity; increased gpm pumping capacity; increased discharge pumping head and pumping efficiency due to increased runner intake head; greater ability to break down and handle froth; ability to either feed into top of bowl or at alternate side low level minimum entrance.


Plus Maintenance Factor
Deep Bowl pump is provided with 2" overflow riser on one side of the pump. This riser is designed to overflow slurry and/or froth at level that will protect the pump's lower seals and bearings from immersion. The riser can be rotated to the proper height to suit specific installations. Riser is provided with pipe-to-hose fitting for connection drain hose if desired. Rotating slinges and double grease seal arrangement are still provided as added protection.


  • Wearing parts are of case unachievable Ni-hard containing approximately 4% nickel, 2% chromium, 3.40% carbon, 0.75% molybdenum with 550 brinnel.
  • Follower plate is of molded rubber.
  • Runner adjustment is through a screw device positioned in heavy lug cast integral with the bearing housing. Housing slides in babbitted bearings cast in the pump bowl.
  • Lower bearing is positioned above the slurry level and further protected by a rotating slinge and double grease
  • seal arrangement.
  • Pump design eliminates air-locking.
  • Pump requires no packing gland or sealing water. No sump required as built integral with pump.
  • Gravity feed to the runner makes pump ideal for handling varying feed rates.
  • Pump can be operated dry without damage.
  • Pump is self-contained and easily relocated.
  • Parts are readily accessible. Repair is one-man operation.


  • Runner and case are of 550 Brinnel Ni-hard.
  • Follower plate is of molded rubber.
  • Bowl and spindle housing are of high quality ductile iron.
  • Bearing assembly is activated by heavy duty screw device and slides in babbitted guide beatings for runner clearance adjustment.
  • Bowl provided with 2" riser - pipe-to-hose outlet.
  • Bearings are anti-friction self-aligning type with grease lubrication. Integral locking collars position bearings on shaft. Upper bearing is protected by rotating dust cap.
  • Lower bearing is protected by a rotating slinger and double grease seal arrangement.
  • Runner is bolted to shaft through babbitted tapered connection
  • Runner case is gasketed and bolted to bottom of pump bowl.
  • V-belt drive provides pump speed flexibility.
  • Motor is totally enclosed and for 3 ph, 60 Hertz, 230/460 bolt or to suit other available electrical characteristics. Drive guard is OSHA type.