Propeller Type Agitators

Propeller Type Agitators

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We offer a complete line of pilot plant and small commercial-size propeller agitators for slurry applications for the mineral, chemical, and other industries.

Units with axial flow-type propellers are specifically designed for leaching, dissolution, reactors, reagent conditioning, gas diffusion, storage, and scrubbing processes involving coarse or fine slurries. Vertical turbine mixing and/or pumping impellers are also available for solvent extraction and other solution applications involving mixing or shear.

SizesAs shown on drawing. Special sizes available to suit.
DutyAll sizes available with light, medium, and heavy duty mechanisms.
Agitator MechanismHeavy duty shaft with self-aligning locking type bearings. Axial flow type propellers or vertical turbine type or mixing and/or pumping impellers.
Draft TubeAvailable all units. Ideal for regent conditioning, minimum short circuiting, suspension fast settling solids, froth breakdown, gas dispersion, induced gas, etc.
V-Belt DriveDesigned to permit 15% or greater speed decrease or increase by changing inexpensive motor sheave. Standard drive guard of solid steel included, OSHA type.