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    Cable and Pipe LocatorsCable and Pipe LocatorsCable and Pipe Locators

Cable and Pipe Locators

  • Easy to install and use
  • Sunlight-readable display, high-performance audio system, and vibration alerts for noisy environments
  • Sensitive and precise signal processing for reliable results

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 Designed with the operator in mind, it is our most advanced and capable range of precision locators.

Easy to deploy and use- provides fast, precise, and repeatable measurements.

Adaptable in challenging environments

  • Ideal for congested underground infrastructures
  • Rejects strong interfering signals
  • Identify target power cable in the presence of many

Technology-driven best on-site practice

  • Encourage correct locator handling for improved detection
  • Monitor field operations through the automatic usage logging feature
  • Proof of work to differentiate your operations from your competition and add value to your clients

Ergonomic design, premium quality

  • Rugged yet lightweight and ergonomic
  • Designed and built to the highest standards in Great Britain
  • Self Test for confidence and trust in your locator measurements

Industrial grade display, for outdoor usage

  • RD8200 locators and transmitters use a transflective low power LCD technology that uses ambient light to improve screen readability in direct sunlight and extend battery life.


TruDepth™ and current readout, for extra assurance

  • Radiodetection’s TruDepth displays the precise depth and current measurements, only when the RD8200 is correctly oriented above the target. Measurement consistency gives high confidence that the correct line is being followed.

High-performance audio and vibration alerts, for noisy environments

  • The RD8200 waterproof speaker housing has been tuned to provide optimum resonance for your choice of high or low-frequency tones.
  • 5 power output audio levels and vibration alerts, assist technicians working in challenging situations.

    Product Summary

1.1 Product Descriptions

Multi-purpose Precision Locator Cable and Pipe Locator

Locate System Receiver

Multi-function Precision Locator

1.2 Intended Use

Locating the position/path of buried cables and pipes

Detecting and pinpointing insulation faults on buried cables and pipes Creating survey records of buried cables and pipes locations

1.3 Standard Equipment

Locator Quickstart guide

Type C to USB A data cable


2.1 Sensitivity

6E-15 Tesla

5µA at 1 meter (33kHz)

2.2 Dynamic range

140dB rms/Hz

2.3 Selectivity


2.4 Depth measurement precision1

± 3%

2.5 Locate accuracy

± 5% of depth

2.6 Active Locate filter bandwidth

± 3Hz, 0 < 1kHz

± 10Hz,  1kHz

2.7 Start-up time

<1 second

2.8 Maximum depth readout2

Metric: Cable / Pipe: 30m Sonde: 19.5m Imperial: Cable / Pipe: 98' Sonde: 64'

Locate Functions

3.1 Active Locate Modes


3.2 Gain control

Guidance Mode: Automatic

Other modes: Manual gain using “+” or “-“ with one touch to return to center (50% of Full Scale)

3.3 Custom locate frequencies

Up to 5 additional frequencies in the range 50Hz to 1kHz at 1Hz resolution

3.4 Active locate frequencies

21 Frequencies:

ELF (98/128Hz),512Hz, 570Hz, 577Hz, 640Hz, 760Hz, 870Hz, 920Hz, 940Hz, 1090Hz, 1450Hz,

4096Hz, 8kHz, 8440Hz, 9820Hz, 33kHz, 65kHz, 82kHz, 83kHz, 131kHz and 200kHz

3.5 Sonde Frequencies

4 Frequencies:

512Hz, 640Hz, 8kHz and 33kHz

3.6 Fault Find


Locate insulation sheath faults on pipes and cables to 10cm / 4" accuracy using the accessory A-Frame and a compatible transmitter

  • Peak
  • Peak+™ (choice of combined Peak & Guidance or Peak & Null)
  • Guidance
  • Broad Peak™
  • Null

3.7 Current Direction™ (CD) Signal Pairs

14 CD Pairs:

219.9/439.8Hz, 256/512Hz, 280/560Hz, 285/570Hz, 320/640Hz, 380/760Hz, 460/920Hz,

4096/8192Hz, 680/340Hz (INV),800/400Hz (INV),920/460Hz (INV),968/484Hz (INV),1168/584Hz (INV),1248/624Hz (INV),

Confirm operator is following the target pipe or cable with CD arrows and a compatible transmitter

3.8 Passive Locate Modes

3.9 Power Filters™ function

Switch out of sensitive Power Mode to locate on any of 5 individual mains harmonic frequencies:


50 Hz regions

60 Hz regions


50 Hz

60 Hz


150 Hz

180 Hz


250 Hz

300 Hz


350 Hz

420 Hz


450 Hz

540 Hz

3.10 Information displayed

(Peak, Null, Guidance, Broad Peak, Peak+ with option of Guidance arrows or Null arrows)

3.11 Audio output tones

Volume level:

VOL0, VOL1, VOL2, VOL3, VOL4 and VOL5

Audio Level Pitch:

Low and High

Audio feedback for menu navigation StrikeAlert audio warning

Swing audio warning

Power / Passive Avoidance / Radio modes:

Real Sound™ derived from detected electromagnetic signal

Peak / Peak+ modes and CPS / CATV modes:

Synthesized audio tone proportional to signal strength

Guidance mode:

Continuous tone when locator is to the left of target, intermittent tone when to the right of target

Null mode:

Synthesized Audio tone proportional to signal strength. Low pitch to left of target, high pitch to right of target

  • Power
  • Radio
  • CPS – cathodic protection system
  • CATV – Cable TV
  • Passive Avoidance – simultaneous locate of power and radio
  • Signal strength - moving bar graph and numeric value
  • Mode indication
  • Line or Sonde locate type
  • Proportional left/right indication
  • Compass: full 360° line direction indicator
  • Accessories in use indication
  • Accessory specific custom screen
  • Depth and current readout (Line location)
  • Depth readout (Sonde location)
  • Gain level (in dB)
  • Frequency selected
  • Battery condition
  • Speaker volume
  • Operating frequency
  • Bluetooth status
  • GPS satellites in view (where fitted)
  • GPS status (where fitted)
  • Configuration menu and submenus
  • Software version
  • Last calibration date
  • Survey measurement counter
  • Current Direction mode indicator
  • Current Direction arrows
  • Fault Find mode indicator
  • Transmitter communication status
  • Transmitter standby status
  • StrikeAlert™ warning
  • Overload warning
  • Swing warning

3.12 Accessory locate functions

Locator clamps:

Used to identify individual target cable(s) in a bundle or cabinet using signal strength read-out


Used to identify individual target cable(s) in a bundle or confined space such as a cabinet using signal strength read-out

CD / CM clamp:

Used to measure locate current and to confirm target cable using Current Direction

Please refer to Section 13 Compatible Accessories – for a complete list of locator accessories

  1. Configurability

    5.1 Option selection

    All options can be enabled or disabled on the locator or using the RD Manager PC software

    5.2 Languages supported

    Fourteen: English, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian

    5.3 Mains power network options

    50 Hz or 60 Hz

    5.4 Mode selection

    All locate modes can be individually enabled or disabled

    5.5 Active frequency selection

    All active frequencies available can be individually enabled or disabled

    5.6 Passive mode selection

    All passive modes can be individually enabled or disabled

    5.7 StrikeAlert

    Enable / disable

    5.8 Swing warning

    Enable / disable

    5.9 Haptic vibration

    Enable / disable

    5.8 Peak+ arrow selection

    Guidance arrows or Null arrows

    Selected using the locator menu or with a long press of the antenna key

    5.9 GNSS (‘GPS’) settings

    Internal / External (connect over Bluetooth) / Off / Reset

    5.10 iLOC Connectivity

    On / Off

    5.11 Data export protocols supported

    PPP / choice of 3 ASCII formats. Optionally append positional data

    5.12 Time / date setting

    Correct or update locator real-time clock using the RD Manager PC software or GNSS signals

    5.13 CD Reset

    Reset CD phase analysis with a single long press of the frequency key

    5.14 Audio

    Set audio tone frequency level high or low


    6.1 Wireless connections

    Bluetooth 2.0 – SPP profile, class 1 BLE 5.0

    6.2 iLOC™ remote transmitter control range3

    Metric: Up to 450m Imperial: Up to 1400'

    6.3 iLOC remote transmitter control functions

    Set transmitter frequency

    Set transmitter power output level Transmitter standby


    6.4 Wired connections

    Type C USB: Connect to a PC to configure and update locator, and to retrieve usage log and survey measurement data

    3.5mm Stereo jack: Connect wired headphones

    Accessory port: Connect Radiodetection accessories