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    Air Jet Sieve

Air Jet Sieve

  • Measuring range: 10 µm - ~ 4 mm
  • For the dispersion and deagglomeration of the fine powders.
  • Maintenance free

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The new air jet sieve AS 200 jet is particularly suitable for the separation of fine powders that require mixing and effective disintegration.

The ability to store up to 10 SOPs and the automatic vacuum regulator (accessory) guarantee reproducible results speak for themselves. Innovative features such as the "Open Mesh" function, the nozzle variable speed and the optional use of screen frame 50 mm high perfecting the new air jet sieving technology. 


Food, ceramics, rubber, cosmetics, washing powder, minerals, pigments, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, powder coating, toner, ...


  • Sieving the technology of the air jet to the dispersion and deagglomeration of the fine powders.
  • Obtaining two fractions when using the cyclone (accessory)
  • Generation air jet by a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 9001 for the control of measuring and testing instruments
  • Ease of use, ergonomic design
  • Maintenance free
  • Function "Open Mesh" for reducing particles remained trapped
  • Function "Open Mesh" for reducing particles remained trapped
  • Suitable for all standard sieve RETSCH 203 mm (8 ") diameter and 25 mm (1") or 50 mm (2 ") high
  • Regulation of manual vacuum (standard) or automatic (optional)
  • Command with the EasySieve optional software via the RS232 serial port, evaluation and documentation of results of great simplicity
  • Dgital setting all screening parameters (time, depression, speed
  • Can store 9 SOP function "Quick Start"
  • Silent with an integrated noise reduction

Function Principle

The AS 200 jet is equipped with a slot nozzle which describes a rotational movement and over which is placed the sieve with its lid. A vacuum cleaner generates an air flow through the slit nozzle and then vortexed particles on the sieve. The particle size smaller than the sieve mesh opening are transported to the cyclone through the air reflux or they are picked up by the vacuum cleaner. The air flow ensures the deagglomeration of the particles and continuous cleaning of the sieve mesh.


Applicationsseparation, fractioning, particle size determination
Field of applicationchemistry / plastics, construction materials, environment / recycling, food, geology / metallurgy, glass / ceramics, medicine / pharmaceuticals
Feed materialpowders
Measuring range*10 µm - ~ 4 mm
Sieving motiondispersion by air jet
Max. batch / feed capacity0.3 - 100 g
Max. number of fractions1 (by using a cyclone: 2)
Speeddigital, 5 - 55 min-1 (nozzle)
Time displaydigital, 00:01 - 99:59 min
Interval operation-
Vacuum2,000 - 9,999 Pa / 20 - 99 mbar / 0.3 – 1.45 psi
Storable SOPs9 / Quick Start mode
Suitable for dry sievingyes
Suitable for wet sieving-
Serial interfaceyes
Including test certificate / can be calibratedyes
Suitable sieve diameters203 mm (200 mm with adapter)
Max. height of sieve stack1 sieve (25 mm (1") / 50 mm ( 2"))
Accessoriescyclone / automatic vacuum regulation
Electrical supply data100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power connection1-phase
W x H x D460 x 288 x 305 (without cover)
Net weight~ 16 kg

*depending on feed material and instrument configuration/settings