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Portable Floor Scale

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Installation Options
Depending on your application, the RoughDeck BDP works as a stationary or portable scale. Both options weigh barrels, drums and pallets with ease. For mobility, the caster engaging mechanism in the portability frame allows the BDP to move effortlessly from one location to another.


Protability Fit Advantages
Easily field retrofit stationary BDPs to convert them into mobile units by purchasing the optional portability kit. The portability kit is compact and sits below the live siderails. When ramps are attached to the portability frame, the hinges allow operator to simply rest the ramps on the scale platform while in-motion. When the BDP is paired with an indicator, the indicator is conveniently attached to the portability kit's frame, which is separate from the live weighing platform. This eliminates interference when zeroing the scale.


The Toughest, Most Accurate
  • The exaggerated figure above illustrates the problems of deck and load cell deflection.
  • The RoughDeck desgn minimizes deflection of the deck and feet.
  • The RoughDeck Series has five low-profile stationary and two portable versions available and offers component interchangeability and alternative construction materials to meet specific industrial requirements, from basic shipping and receiving to highly corrosive or washdown environments.


Barrel, drums and pallet weighing


  • Live siderails
  • Top access foot adjustment holes (holes are 1/2 to 13 threaded for fitting scale)
  • Four adjustable stainless steel SUREFOOT™ support feet
  • 30 x 31in. or 36 x 37in. weighing surface (not including side rails)
  • Top access J-Box


Options / Accessories
  • Portability kit includes frame, two swivel and two fixed zinc plated steel NSF approved wheeld (75lbs max. capacity) and indicator stand
  • Access ramps (for stationary scale or portable scale)
  • Digital weight indicatorsL IQ plus® 355, IQ plus®390-DC, IQ plus® 590-DC


Load Capacity1000lb: 100% full scale; 2500lb: 80% full scale
Cable Length10' (3m)
Height1.625 in. without portability frame; 1.94 in. with portability frame
(distance from floor to top of center weighing surface)
ApprovalsNTEP CC#03-060
Warranty3-year limited warranty


Cat. No.Description
 Size (WxL)CapacityShipping Weight
7796230 x 31in.1000lb (500kg)205 lbs
7796330 x 31in.2500lb (1250kg)205 lbs
7796436 x 37in.1000lb (500kg)265 lbs
7796536 x 37in.2500lb (1250kg)265 lbs
Stainless Steel
7796730 x 31in.1000lb (500kg)205 lbs
7796830 x 31in.2500lb (1250kg)205l lbs
7796936 x 37in.1000lb (500kg)265 lbs
7797036 x 37in.2500lb (1250kg)265lbs
Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Welded-seal (IP67 Load Cells
7797130 x 31in.1000lb (500kg)205lbs
7797230 x 31in.2500lb (1250kg)205lb
7797336 x 37in.1000lb (500kg)265lb
7797436 x 37in.2500lb (1250kg)265lb