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    Column Flotation Cell

Column Flotation Cell

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Ideal tool to evaluate the flotation characteristics of various coal and mineral fillers

The 3" diameter Laboratory Flotaire Column Flotation Cell is an ideal tool for evaluating the flotation characteristics of various coal and mineral feeds. The Laboratory Flotaire can be set-up for either batch or continous operation. The laboratory Flotaire package includes the following features: Electric, variable-speed feed and tailings pumps, a liquid level float switch with tailings pump control panel for automatic pulp level maintenance, electric frother metering pump, air and water flowmeters for control Laboratory Microbubble Generators and froth wash water flow, and a variable-speed feed slurry mixer to assure proper feed conditioning. The unit is construted of acrylic and stainless steel to safely handle a wide range of feed materials and chimical contents. Test sample results and operating parameters can be directly scaled up to determine commercial size Column Flotation Cell requirements.