• Mineral Spiral Concentrators

Mineral Spiral Concentrators

  • 1.6 to 2.6 ton/hour
  • Pulp Density: 30-60% solids
  • Pulp Volume (max.): 22 GPM

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Primary applications for these spirals is the recovery and concentration of minerals (high specific gravity material) from pulp streams (with low specific gravity material),which have at least 10% and as high as 90% high density minerals

Feed to spiral, per start, is characterized in the ranges below:

Feed Capacity:

  • 1.6 to 2.6 ton/hour
  • Pulp Density: 30-60% solids
  • Pulp Volume (max.): 22 GPM
  • Feed Particle
  • Size Range: 0.03 – 2mm (10 mesh to 450 mesh)
  • Wash water consumption 2.2 GPM to 6.6 GPM (Up to 11 GPM in some applications)

Some features of this spiral are listed below:

Enhanced mineral separation due to wash water


Number of starts – single or twin

Number of turns – 5 or 7

Auxiliary con splitters are located every half turn, after the first turn, on each trough Auxiliary splitters may be blanked off with optional blank splitter inserts

Heavy Mineral Product is collected via the center column

Open wash-water supply channel for operator access and cleaning

Some applications are listed below:

  • Iron Ore Beneficiation
  • Mineral Sands Separation
  • Tin Ore Upgrading
  • Ilmenite (Hard Rock)
  • Gold Recovery from Milling Circuits
  • Base Metal Recovery from Hard Rock Ores

Item IDItem DescriptionQTY Needed
050F-011TR100 Spiral Test Rig
050F-S001Spiral Test Rig Sump1
050F-S002Spiral Test Wash Water Spiral1
050F-S003Spiral Shaft Valve Frame1
050F-S004Spiral Test Tubing Hanger Fram2
MO-131481Shp 220/380V 2850RPM 184T1
500ST017Ball Valve 2″ NPT Female1
534ST205GIW Mega Slurry Pump1
537ST137Series 70 Open Frame Valve1
720ST061Shaft Coupling 1-3/8/24mm Dia2
720ST062Bruna-N Spider 2-35/64″ Dia1
793ST163Flange Thrd 2″x6″ OD2
793ST352Flange Gasket 1-1/2″x1/16″2
793ST358Flange Gasket 2″x1/16″2