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Mini-Jaw Crushers

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The SEPOR Mini-Jaw Crusher is suitable for crushing small quantities of rock and other friable material, ranging in hardness from hard quartz to relatively soft claystone

It is available with a variety of wear surfaces:

Hardened steel alloy plates for users not concerned with iron contamination and 85% Alumina (Ceramic) for those who can not tolerate iron contamination.

A tungsten carbide model is also available, which is the hardest material of the three. The tungsten carbide contains 6% cobalt as a binder.

All jaw plates types are interchangeable.

The feed opening is 2″ x 2″ with a maximum feed partical size of -1″ material. About 1/3 lb. per minute (20 pounds per hour) can be crushed to -1/8″ depending on the nature of the feed material. The size of the crushed product is adjustable by turning the handwheel, which adjusts the gap at the bottom of the jaws. The jaw opening range is from 1/4″ to 1/16″. However, the finer the crushed product, the lower the throughput.

A stainless steel tray collects the crushed sample. If cross sample contamination is of paramount importance, each sample may be caught on separate trays.


  • Motor: 1/4Hp 110/1Ph/60Hz or 220/1Ph/50Hz
  • Bearings: Heavy-duty needle bearings, sealed
  • Eccentric shaft: Case hardened alloy steel
  • Frame: Heavy welded steel frame provides rigid support necessary for crushing a wide variety of materials and for excellent wear characteristics
  • Mini Jaw Crushers are normally in stock for immediate shipment

SE010A-021 Mini jaw crusher with steel plates
SE010A-011 Mini jaw crusher plates with 85% alumina ceramic
SE010A-012 Mini jaw crusher with tungsten carbide plates
SE010A-022 Jaw assembly and steel plates
SE010A-023 Jaw assembly and alumina plates
SE010A-024 Jaw assembly and tungsten carbide plates