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The No. 51/52 cast iron alloy plates are the original plates supplied with the BICO pulverizer

As technology improved and customer demands increased over many years, plates of varying compositions and specifications were added to the line. The resultant line has evolved from trial and error and user preference; there has been no particular research to quantify wear and performance characteristics against composition. The following comments are those supplied by the manufacturer or from customer feedback.

The standard 51/52 plates are for normal use and will grind quartz type rocks. The 81/82 plates, a low Phos-Carbon steel composition, are similar. The 83/84 plates, containing 9-14% manganese, become work-hardened with use, and develop to be the hardest and toughest of the plates. The 85/86 plates are a hardened version of the standard cast alloy and have a high customer preference. These plates wear longer, having an improved cost effectiveness over the standard units. Sepor recommends the hardened (85/86) over the standard (51/52). The coal grinding 87/88 plates are deeply convex/concave with bladed cutting flutes on each surface to promote a slicing/shredding action for all types of coal. The 92/93 ceramic plates are specially high-fired alumina to provide tough service and a product free of metallic coloration or contamination; they can be used to grind quartz type rocks.

The 2000/2001 grinding plates are the latest improvement with regard to hardness and toughness. These plates, made of proprietary chrome alloy, are long wearing.

Cat. No.Suffix numberDescription
Stationary plateRevolving plate
SE010F-051-052Standard iron alloy: supplied with each pulverizer
Low Phosphorus Carbon Steel manganese Steel (sold in sets only)
Hardened Iron Alloy For Coal Grinding
Alumina Ceramic: No iron or metal contamination
UA-2000 Chrome Alloy: deep dish - long wearing
Lead-Dog Economy Plates, Iron Carbide matrix