• Rotary Sampler Splitter

Rotary Sampler Splitter

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Often called a spinning riffler. Rotary sample splitters are the most accurate method of extracting representative samples from dry granular or powdered material. (See thesis A.A. Khan, Bradford University 1968).

It consists of a turn-table having removable sample containers passing thru a cascading flow from a vibrating tray fed from a materials hopper. Made in two different models to accomodate 12 to 24 or stainless steel sample containers.

The sample containers are self-aligning and interlocking, which allows fast assembly and clean-up between charges. The units are supplied with 2.4 liter containers on the 12 split model and 2.8 liter containers on the 24 split model. For convenience, additional sample containers are recommended.

Turn-table has SCR controlled variable speed rotation (1-30 RPM) for 10-20 RPM recommended operating range. The vibrator, 115V/60 Hz, has an infinite variable control knob to feed up to 1 TPH. Hopper capacities are 1.2 and 2.4 cu. ft. This type of splitter minimizes the influences of diverse and etreme differences in grain size, specific gravity or grain shape. Split samples are representative and can be combined to yield the size sample needed. For particles from powder to 1/2". Comes complete, ready to operate on delivery. The frame is mounted on locking casters for easy mobility. Other electrical characteristics are optionally available.


Ordering Informations
Part NumberDescription
 ModelTable Dia.Overall InchesWt. Lbs.Mount
SE040J-0011224"24 x 40 x 52190Caster
SE040J-0022448"48 x 60 x 52350Caster
SE040J-0092.4 liter, SS Container
SE040J-0072.8 liter, SS Container


MethodStandard deviation of samples (%)Var (Pn) (%)Est. Max. sample error (%)
Cone & quartering6.8146.422.7
Scoop sampling5.1426.417.1
Table sampling2.094.377.0
Chute riffling1.011.023.4
Spinning riffling0.1250.0160.42
Random variation0.0760.00580.25