• Screener Porta Sifter

Screener Porta Sifter

The Porta Sifter screener is shown below with a common “roll away” stand that allows for easy mobility between screening processes. Other mounting options are available to meet your screening needs.

Note: Dimensions above reflect a standard Porta-Sifter screener. Additional accessories will alter dimensions slightly. A detailed drawing is provided to each customer for individual accuracy.

The Porta-Sifter is an inexpensive, versatile, “go-anywhere” vibrating screener perfect for research, batch runs, or continuous production. Its simplistic design and fewer moving parts, require minimal maintenance
while providing top screening performance.


The vibrating action can be generated wherever electrical or pneumatic connections are available. The electric model is available with a 110-volt single phase or a 230/460-volt three-phase motor. Variable amplitude
on the air model allows selection of the most efficient vibrating screening action for different meshes and materials.

Routine or continuous screening operations can benefit from the various mounting options. A rollaway stand allows for easy transitioning between different screening applications without the added expense of multiple screening units. In addition, the Porta-Sifter may be mounted using a swing-away wall mounting system or over an opening (on any level surface), without expensive measures for vibration control.

  • Many mounting options.
  • Inexpensive sifting solution


CAT. NO. Description
MI25-00000 31 ¼" 16 ½" 16 ½" 37 ¾" 48" 42 ¼"
MI55-00000 38" 22 ½" 24" 37 ¾" 48" 42 ¼"