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    Slurry Sampler

Slurry Sampler

  • Sepor - SE040I-012, SE040I-014,SE 040I-003A

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The hand slurry sampler is ideal for collecting samples from discharge streams of flowing slurries.

Typically used with a 5 foot extension handle attached, the “beak” of the sampler is moved across the entire cross section of the stream at the same speed, without overflowing the beaker. If beaker overflows, speed up sampling motion, until it no longer overflows.


Cat No  Description
SE040I-012 Slurry, SS, 1/4 cutter, 1.5 liter
SE040I-014 Slurry, SS, 1/2″ cutter, 1.5 liter
SE040I-003A  Extension Handle