• Magnetic Susceptibility Balance

Magnetic Susceptibility Balance

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The MK 1 displays results for the sample, R, and the blank tube, Ro, which are then computed using the calculation formulae.

By using matched magnets and a printed circuit construction for the coil, balance to balance reproducibility is ensured. The MK 1 has proven to be the ideal instrument for use in teaching laboratories throughout the world where the reduced amounts of chemicals required for an experiment saves on materials costs and minimises waste products disposal.


  • Ease and speed of use, place the sample tube in the balance and get an immediate
  • digital read-out.
  • Measurements can be made on a wide anae of diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials.
  • The fixed sample tube allows susceptibility measurement of solids, liquids and gases.
  • The technique has comparable sensitivity and is as accurate as traditional methods
  • of measurement.
  • The cost of the balance is significantly lower than a complete Gouy balance system.
  • The instantaneous digital read-out can be used to calculate magnetic susceptibility using a simple equation. This gives significant time savings in both set-up and measurement.
  • Small sample size - the balance normally works with a sample weight of around 250mg. but, by using a thin- bore sample tube, as little as 50mg. is required to give an accurate measurement.
  • Analogue output. Using a flow cell, allows a chemical reaction resulting in a change of susceptibility to be monitored dynamically.
  • This allows new applications to be investigated, for example, redox reactions.
  • External power supply. The MSB is a low voltage instrument enhancing the safety aspects by removing high voltage from the detection end in contact with the chemicals.
  • The equipment is compact, lightweight and hence easily portable.