Materials Testing

The auto magnetic susceptibility balance

  • Wear particulate analysis directly on lubricating oils
  • Qualitative analysis of metal complexes
  • QC of industrial diamonds for trace metal contaminants

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Microprocessor controlled, state of the art balance for detecting the magnetic properties of gases, liquids and solids.

The improved sensitivity, versatility and overall performance make it ideally suited for new analytical applications in the research laboratory and industrial quality quality control.

Retaining all the advantages of our MK I instrument, the enhanced features of the Magnetic Susceptibility Balance AUTO are described:


This balance weighs just under 2.2 kg. and comes complete with rechargeable battery which allows up to 8 hours ofoperation away from a mains power supply.

Supplied in its own robust carrying case the instrument can be fully operational in minutes after arrival at the analysis site.

A travel clamp, external to the instrument and easy to apply, and an adjustable level control are the only setting-up procedures required.


The 8751 microprocessor has the balance calibration constant entered during the manufacture. The digital display of the measurement is directly converted to Volume susceptibility in c.g.s. units without need for calculation or manipulation. By entering the sample weight and length (internal sensors detect the diameter of sample tube) Mass susceptibility can be read directly from the display.

The instrument automatically zeroes when the sample tube is not in position, so it is always ready for use. An auto tare facility can be implemented by simply pressing the Tare key with a blank tube in the sample position.


The balance comes equipped with the following sample tubes to accomodate a wide range of analytical applications:

  • 2 normal sample tubes (0.400 cm. OD x 0.324 cm. ID)
  • 1 large sample tube (0.500 cm. OD x 0.420 cm. ID)
  • 1 liquid flow cell (as normal)
  • 1 stoppered gas cell (normal)

Small bore tubes (ID options 0.100 and 0.200 cm.) and additional special tubes are available on request.

The instrument comes with sample tube holder and manual.


The Magnetic Susceptibility Balance AUTO can now measure from 0.001 x 10-7 to 1.00 x 10-3 c.g.s. Volume susceptibility units over four operating ranges. This is two orders of magnitude more sensitive than the Mark I, which is itself comparable in sensitivity to most traditional methods. The instrument includes both an RS - 232 computer interface and an analogue output for a chart recorder - particularly useful when using the Magnetic Susceptibility Balance AUTO as a detector.

The sample detector unit is separated from the read-out and controls which are housed in a hand-held unit.The operator can remain away from the sample when measuring hazardous susbtances or reactions.


  • Wear particulate analysis directly on lubricating oils
  • Qualitative analysis of metal complexes
  • QC of industrial diamonds for trace metal contaminants
  • QC of catalysts in the petrochemical and plastics industries
  • Pesticide and pharmaceutical analysis by the generation of free radicals
  • Archaeological studies of soil samples to indicate human occupation via the relative oxidation state of metal constituents
  • Examination of chemical reactions on a microscale and in a protected environment
  • Measurement of the oxidation state of haemoglobin
  • Characterisation of ion exchange adsorption and desorption processes
  • Quality control in the fabrication of superconductors
  • Analysis of rare earth elements and their oxidation states
  • A redox detector in flow injection analysis

Measurement ranges
Xv in 4 ranges from 0 to +/- 1.999 x 10-7, x 10-6, x10,5, x10,4 c.g.s. units
Sample volume required
10ul to 200ul for accurate absolute measurements depending on tube size
Magnetic field strength
4.5 kGauss
Analogue output
Voltage proportional to display value via BNC connector on detector unit back-panel.
Computer interface
RS - 232 via 9 - way female "D"- connector on detector unit back-panel

General specifications

Detector unit
Control unit
Complete in case
Size (mm)
40 H x 180 W x 235 D
45 x 100 x 180
250 x 550 x 400
Weight (kg)
4 x AA cells - Rechargeable only. Full charge gives >8 hrs. operation.
External supply
t6 - 9 V d.c. (a.c. input adaptor, 110 V or 240 V, supplied also serves as battery charger)