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    Electronic inclinometer machinery

Electronic inclinometer machinery

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Introducing the revolutionary digital inclinometer!
Cased in a compact, rugged housing this electronic slope meter is not only a perfect size but is relatively lightweight and is very easy to mount and calibrate.

  • Motor graders
  • Scrapers
  • Dozers
  • Drainage plows
  • Concrete screeds
  • Forktruck


Features and benefits
  • 25% +/- numeric readout slope display at 0.1% measurements
  • 6.0% +/- LED bar graph at 0.5% measurement
  • Set slope functionality
  • Real-time slope display
  • Internal battery or external hardwire for permanent installations
  • Internal sensors are standard
  • External sensor options
  • 4-1: 3-1: 2-1 steep slope options with optional remote sensor