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mechanical inclinometer

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Slope Meter "No. 1" is used for all slope and crown construction. The figures shown on the scale represent slope. For example, when the indicator ball is over number "8", it indicates an "8-to-1" slope. The small triangles (shown between 0 and 8) represent degrees, for reference purposes. Slope-Meter "No. 1" is widely used on motor graders, bulldozers, and similar equipment.


"No. 2 NS"
Slope-Meter "No. 2 NS" is used to determine "percent of grade" and is calibrated to read from .00 to .12 (0-12%). The "No. 2NS" aids the operator and speeds work on motor graders, asphalt pavers, wheel ditches, tunneling machines, and other equipment where exacting specifications are required. The "No. 2NS" is installed at the factory by leading equipment manufacturers.


The safe driving speed for any curve is quickly and accurately determined with the "SCSI" mounted in the engineer's car. The scale reads zero when the car is level, and will show "tilt" up to 25 degrees on each side. The scale is red beyond +/-10 degrees to denote danger zones. The "SCSI" was designed by Slope-Meter in accordance with the specifications of the Minnesota Highway Dept. Traffic Division and is used nation-wide by highway and traffic engineers.


The Steep Slope Meter combines the features of the "No. 1" and the "No. 2NS". The "SSM" is used to determine "percent of grade" and is calibrated to read from 0-50%. The "SSM" is used in applications where a steeper slope reading is required (as compared to the "No. 2NS"), but the operator or engineer requires a reading in "percent of grade". This product works well on bulldozers and similar equipment.


Range "No. 1" "24 to 1" - "2 to 1" (slope)
  "No. 2NS" 0 - 12% (% of grade)
  "SCSI" 0 - 28°
  "SSM" 0 - 50% (% of grade)
Accuracy / Resolution 1 Degree  
Response 1 sec.  
Size 3.5 x 8.5 x 1  
Material Aluminium Casting  
Weight 1.5 lbs.  


Cat. No. Description
SLOPE1-000 Slope-Meter No.1
SLOPE2NS-0 Slope-Meter No.2 NS
SLOPE4SCSI Slope-Meter No.4 SCSI