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Starrett’s new HDV horizontal digital video comparators combine the best features of a horizontal optical comparator and a vision metrology system.

With a rigid steel design, they are configured like a traditional horizontal comparator. The workstage is the same as the Starrett field-proven HB400 and HD400 comparators, with a 110lb (50kg) load capacity. The heart of the system centers on a uniquely mounted 5-megapixel digital video camera and are available with a choice of seven telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and optical distortion as low as 0.001% for accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements. Lenses provide a maximun field of view of up to 62mm x 47mm. Stage movement can be related to the imported file allowing part comparison up to 400mm" long.

The HDV systems house a powerful 64-bit PC, which runs MetLogix M3 Metrology software. With this software, DXF CAD files can be imported and 2D Go-No-Go gauges can be developed directly from the CAD files. Video edge detection (VED),allows real-time interaction of the imported file with the video image of the part being inspected. Productivity, speed and accuracy are all enhanced.

The HDV Series consists of two models with stage sizes 300mmx150mm or 400mmx150mm of X-Y stage travel. They feature a 5-megapixel video camera and a choice of seven interchangeable telecentric lenses (patent pending) for ultra-low optical distortion field-of-view (FOV) measurements.

Using MetLogix M3 software, DXF CAD files can be imported for direct comparison to the part video image. The HDV series can also perform as a manual horizontal vision system for part measurement utilizing a 6.5:1 zoom lens delivering higher magnifications for increased accuracy.

  • Steel construction with hard anodized X Y stage.
  • 300mm x 150mm (12"x6") of stage travel for HDV300
  • 400mm x 150mm (16"x6") of stage travel for HDV400
  • 540mm x 130mm (21.3"x5.1") workstage
  • 110lb (50kg) maximum load capacity
  • 51mm (2"mm) of focus travel
  • Helix angle adjustment with ±15° Vernier scale
  • Manual X-Y and focus positioning via hand wheels
  • Heidenhain glass scales for 0.5um (0.00002") X and Y resolution
  • LED illumination for surface and profile lighting
  • 5 megapixel black & white camera (2448x2058 pixels)
  • Ultra-low distortion to 0.001% for telecentric field-ofview measurements
  • 64-bit Intel® Processor
  • Windows® 7 Professional operating system
  • MetLogix M3 software with DXF/FOV option pack
  • Parts displayed on 24" (60 cm) touch-screen color monitor (1920x1080 pixels)


  • Choice of 7 telecentric lenses for fields of view from 2.36"x1.77" to 0.09"x0.07"
  • 6.5:1 zoom optics
  • 23" or 32" high cabinet stands


MetLogix M3
MetLogix M3 DXF/FOV software under Windows 7 Professional is the power-house behind the HDV Series. Fully integrated with an M3 controller and a powerful 64-bit computer, which runs the Metlogix software. The main operator interface is a 24" (60cm) touch-screen color monitor. A keyboard is also provided, for ease of data entry and control when desired. All electronics are located in the housing for an integrated design with minimal external wiring.


FeaturesMetLogix M3
PC installed in main housing
Color graphic touch-screen
Windows® 7 operating system
X-Y-Q (angle) measurements
2D geometry software with skew
Video edge detection
CAD file import & export
FOV measurements
Elimination of overlays
Software developerMetLogix


HDV Optics
The HDV Series is available with a choice of seven telecentric lenses and a 6.5:1 zoom lens. Lenses are installed by a bayonet fitting, which allows quick changeover between magnifications and between FOV or zoom operation by the user. The 0.14X lens has a dedicated mounting configuration and illuminators.


System ParameterTelecentric lenses6.5:1
Zoom lens
Optical Magnification0.14X0.30X0.50X0.80X1.0X2.0X4.0X0.7X4.5X
Magnification on 24" Monitor8.6X18.5X21X49X62X124X247X58X363X
Field of View Width2.36"
Working Distance4.3" (110mm)3.4" (88mm)
Optical Distortion, %0.0010.0010.0020.0020.0050.0050.006N/AN/A


HDV300 Dimensions
Shipping weight300 lb (136 kg)
Net weight220 lb (100 kg)
54" x 40" x 46" (137 x 102 x 117cm)