• Surface Roughness Tester

Surface Roughness Tester

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This surface roughness tester is simple, accurate, and of high-quality.

It performs a wide variety of parameters, from common Ra to more complex Rz1Max and Rsk parameters. The design makes the device simple to navigate, intuitive, and reliable. Of the highest in Starrett quality.





  • Tactile Measurement Button 
  • Two-Piece Contruction with Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity
  •  Diamond Stylus and Piezoelectric Pickup
  •  Li-Poly Battery
  •  Rubberized Molding
  •  Profile Graph
  •  Simple Navigation
Accuracy (in)5% of reading + 4 micr-in.
Accuracy (mm)5% of reading + 0.1 micron
Cutoff Lengths0.8 mm
Measuring Range1600 micro-in. (40 microns)
Pick-up StylusPiezoelectric
Roughness ParameterRa,Rz,Rp,Rv,Rt,Rz1Max,Rsk,Rq,Rku,Pa,Pz,Pp,Pv,Pt
Tracer TipDiamond, 5 micron radius
Tracing Length0.2 in (5 mm)
Tracing Speed0.08 in/sec (2 mm/sec)