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    Grinder diamond wheel

Grinder diamond wheel

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To ensure accurate test results, Calibrade abrading wheels should be precision dressed when abrading surfaces are out of round, crowned or clogged with abraded material. The Diamond Wheel Refacer allows you to true and completely renew the working surfaces of your TABER abrading wheels.

Wheels are located on a flanged extensionof the motor shaft, and encolsed by a hinged cover for safety. A diamond tool, mountedon a shielded traverse slide, permit light cuts across a pair of wheels providing indentical wheel diameters.

Attaching the abraser vacuum to the receptacle hole of the refacer will enable you to draw off the abrasive cutting and maintain a clean work area.


Optional Accessories included
  • Single Point Diamond Tools (for model 250)
  • Multiple Point Diamond Toll (for model 250) (used the reface H-38 Calibrade © Wheel)